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Looking For a New Career? Monday is the Best Day to Apply

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

Your Career Starts on Monday


Several studies show that candidates who submit their applications on Monday have a better success rate of being hired. Before I link those studies, let me give you a few reasons why Monday should be your motivation to seek that new career you’ve been wanting.

1. It’s Monday and you’re already unhappy with your job

2. Monday is the most miserable day of the work week, so your boss is probably in a bad mood.

3. Falcon IT & Staffing Solutions is looking to fill several Federal Government Positionsthat you qualify for!

While statistics show that Tuesday is the most common day to apply for jobs, Monday yields the highest success rate, according to a study by Workopolis. The theory is that people tend to put off their applications on the first day of the week, making Tuesdays a popular day. However, starting that application process one day before the rest, will give you the advantage. Why? It’s simple, you’re more likely to be placed at the top of the hiring managers stack of resumes.

Moral of the story, people tend to wait til Tuesday, so get a head of the process and apply TODAY – because its MONDAY!

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