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FedGov Staffing Solutions Specific to Your Needs.

At Falcon IT & Staffing Solutions, we're here to provide you with the resources you need to efficiently staff your projects.

🔹 What Sets Falcon IT Apart From Competitors?

Personalized Staffing Capabilities: We don’t just fill positions; we strategically place talent for your organizational needs. We specialize staffing for Information Technology, Engineering, Cyber Security, Professional Services, and Admin Support roles.

Customized Solutions: 99% of our clients are small businesses. We offer customizable payment terms as well as 3 different hiring options for Direct Placements, Short & Long-Term Contracts, and Contract-to-Hire.

Proven Expertise: We have over 2 decades of experience staffing Military, Federal Civilian, and Intelligence Agency contracts across the United States.

Beyond the Placement: Our job doesn’t end with a successful hire. We offer continuous support, ensuring your newly acquired talent integrates seamlessly to your team.

🚀 Weekly Spotlight: Projects We Staff

We are currently supporting diverse projects supporting government roles, including:

  • Senior Systems Engineers for the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division (DoD), Air Force: We helped deploy Senior Systems Engineers to support the Cryptologic and Cyber Systems Division within the Air Force, under the Department of Defense (DoD), to be the backbone of the nation's cybersecurity infrastructure. These engineers possess advanced skills in network design, software development, and security protocols and are working to fortify the Air Force's digital systems, ensuring they remain impervious to cyber threats.

  • Cyber Incident Response Analysts for the FBI: We are currently, staffing Cyber Incident Response Analysts, to be stationed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), as frontline defenders against cyber threats targeting national security. Their role is crucial in ensuring the FBI's digital infrastructure remains impenetrable. They respond swiftly to security incidents, mitigating risks, and developing proactive strategies to prevent future attacks, thereby safeguarding sensitive information critical to law enforcement and national safety.

  • Network Architects for the FBI: Network Architects working closely with the FBI entrusted with designing and implementing the organization's intricate network architecture. With a focus on scalability, efficiency, and security, they develop cutting-edge networking solutions, optimize data transmission, enhance network reliability, and fortify security protocols to protect against cyber threats.

With the year getting closer to an end, it's the perfect time to discuss how can we support your business with the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Ready to Transform Your Team?

Whether you're in need of immediate staffing solutions or planning for the year ahead, let’s talk!

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